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How I Use My Daily Journal

Using my journal is one of the best things in my morning routine!

Every morning when I wake up, I have a very specific routine that I do.

Since I’m a routine based person, it works much better having it planned out and more “strictly” adhered to.

Right after waking, I meditate with my boyfriend. We’ll usually throw on a 15 minute meditation that is slightly guided but not heavily visualization-based.

After our meditation, he gets the coffee started. We chat about how the meditation went and anything we experienced.

Then, he pours us our coffee and we sit and talk about all the things we’re grateful for. This usually lasts about 10 minutes or so.

I’ll take out my workbook, (for whatever I’m currently working on, like mindset, money blocks, etc.), to do the daily exercise.

Then finally, I’ll grab my journal and do whichever option feels right from the list below.

Here are just a few ways I use planners, journals, or notebooks daily:

  1. Gratitude
    • Whether I’ve already verbally said my gratitude items yet or not, writing them down bring a visual component that helps implement it a little deeper.
  2. To do lists
    • If I’m particularly busy, or I need to get a number of things done, I’ll write out my to-do list so it helps me stay on track.
  3. Productivity planning
    • This is super helpful if my day is jam-packed or I’ve been procrastinating. One thing that is always on the list though is breaks! I don’t know about you, but I work much better when I give myself ample breaks to rest.
  4. Brain dump journaling
    • This is very helpful when my mind feels cluttered. Getting everything and anything out of my head and onto paper alleviates the anxiety, worry, or stress that seems to come along with it. It’s been so nice to feel the clarity afterwards!
  5. Scripting
    • Scripting is like actually laying out what you want to happen. It can be as detailed or vague as suits you, but for me I tend to go into more detail. It just works better for me!

Having a morning routine has been a lifesaver for me, especially during quarantine! It’s one of the tools I’ve used to really cut down on my anxiety, in fact my anxiety is almost completely gone because of all the things I’ve done during quarantine!

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Manifestation: 3 Words to Stop Saying Immediately

Manifestation isn’t a one-size fits all type of practice; and with how many tools there are to use to enhance your manifestation practice, it’s more of a pick and choose what works best for you.

However, one thing we can all agree on is the top 3 words to stop saying immediately! And the reasons why are about to shift your entire perspective.

We’re going to count down rather than up here, because #1 is pretty shocking when you first hear about it.

Have thoughts about any of these? Have more words? Let me know!

So, without further ado, here’s the top 3 words to stop saying immediately:

3. “But”

The word “but” is used a TON in conversation. You probably heard one of these recently too. I can hear it now…

  • “I was going to go grocery shopping, but I was too tired.”
  • “I want to start a business, but I don’t have the time right now.”
  • “I was gonna go to the gym, but I didn’t have the energy.”

The list can go on forever.

The bottom line, though, is that “but” will always be followed by an excuse or a reason something stopped whatever was before the “but”.

Too tired? Plan ahead. Get some rest. Prioritize it.

No time? You mean to tell me that you didn’t watch Netflix for 4 hours yesterday?

No energy? Because of the lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, or lack of motivation? What really was it that stopped you?

No matter what way you try to spin it, “but” comes with a sense of lack.

A lack of sleep.

A lack of time.

A lack of energy.

A lack of whatever it is.

How do you feel when you say the word “but”? In a sentence, when you say it, it sounds like the sentence ended, right? It feels like the sentence ended right? It’s like a negative period with an extra tail spin.

“But” holds a negative vibration, and contradicts what you said at the beginning. Therefore, it negates what you just said.

What else am I supposed to say though??

Yes, yes.

Other than actually being upfront about why you’re really not doing the thing you said you supposedly wanted to do, here’s a few ways around the word “but”:

  • “It’s not a priority for me right now”

Saying it’s not a priority for you right now helps you get real with not only those who you’re communicating with, but at the core, you’re getting real with yourself. Don’t keep yourself in the dark. Show yourself what you’re actually prioritizing. You may just decide to do the thing instead. Or at least you’ll be better off energetically.

  • “And”

When you transform “but” into “and,” you change the entire perspective of the sentence. There’s no reason to be making excuses, honestly. The use of the word “but” doesn’t matter when you realize that you don’t need to compensate for who you are or what you’re choosing to do with your time. Without judgement, there’s no excuses. Excuses are for other people. So transform your “but” into “and,” and you may transform more than just the sentence.

  • “However”

If you were about to tell me “but that’s not polite” (see the irony there? hahah) here’s a different word entirely to decline politely, or at least to say it more politely. Think about it, sometimes you really do have other things going on. However, that doesn’t mean you need to use the word “but” to try and justify those plans. (See how I turned that irony around? I’m just full of jokes today)

Let’s move on.

2. “Want”

This one is sneaky.

Because it’s not just about changing it out for the word “desire,” since “desire” has a higher frequency than “want.”

As well as that, “want” has the energy of “I don’t have it yet.”

In Manifestation, when you’re manifesting something, you’re recognizing that you already have it, you just haven’t gained access to it yet.

When you use the word “want,” you’re actually distancing yourself from the thing you desire to manifest!

This is similar to the “when” and “how” in Manifestation.

If you worry about “when” it will happen, you’re acknowledging that it hasn’t yet happened and that you don’t have it yet.

If you worry about “how” it will happen, you’re again acknowledging that it hasn’t yet happened and that you don’t have it yet.

So there’s really two reasons why to stop using the word “want”

  • “Want” carries a low vibration. Think of “wanting,” it comes from the way they used to talk about lack or desperation. So to side-step that frequency altogether, substitute it with “desire” when talking about things you, well, desire.
  • “Want” is distancing you from what you’re manifesting. Instead, think “I have it; I just need to find a way to access it”

And now, the one we’ve all been waiting for…

1. “Hope”

We’ve finally landed on the sneakiest of all, “hope.”

It seems like an innocent word. And, to be fair, it’s used with the best intentions.

However, “hope” is an affirmation that you’re not putting the inspired action in to ensure whatever it is you’re “hoping” for happens.

“Hope” is a careless way to show care.

“I hope you’re okay” is more like “I’m sure you’ll be fine” rather than “how can I help you get better?”

It’s the careless way to show care.

Here’s another few examples:

  • “I hope it works out.”
  • “I hope I can do it.”
  • “I hope she achieves it.”

Now, you’re probably thinking “there’s nothing wrong with those ones,” and in some ways, they’re fine. Except I would only ever say it for something you really aren’t going to put any effort into.

Here’s the switch from trying to show you care to actually caring:

  • “I know it’ll work out.”

“Know” instills confidence. You could even choose a different phrase depending on the situation, like “how can I help?” or “You have the best team possible,” etc.

  • “I know I can do it.”

Again, reaffirming confidence. Or “I’ve proven I can do it,” “I’ve done it before,” “I’ve studied it. I got this,” etc.

  • “I know she’ll achieve it.”

Third time’s the charm, eh? Also, “She’s great at these things. She’ll achieve it.” etc.

After really mapping it out, it’s much easier to see why these words hold such power. However, when you’re manifesting, it’s time to rid your own vocabulary of them and see the shifts that happen in your life!

Whether that’s your manifestations coming to fruition faster, you’re confidence levels going up, your self-trust skyrocketing because you’re finally able to do what you want without feeling the need to justify your life, whatever it is!

Happy Manifesting!

Have thoughts? Leave them below!

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Top 5 Most Powerful Manifestation Methods

Manifestation isn’t always a part of someone’s first thoughts when they think about the future, their goals, or achieving what they want in life. When honestly, things come into your life so. much. quicker. when you do use Manifestation.

Don’t believe in Manifestation yet? Let’s talk about some real-life examples.

Some things I’ve manifested within a few days include:

  • A specific cup design from a certain large coffee chain
  • Someone calling me that I wanted to talk to, minutes after I thought about it
  • An opportunity to work with someone I had been chatting with for awhile and finally decided to try to Manifest it … #nailedit

Some things I’ve manifested within a month:

  • New clients
  • New views on my YouTube videos
  • The one I think we all want to Manifest more of… money! (And from a totally random, not even ever thinking it could’ve come from that, place. Thats an interesting story I’ll save for later)

Some things I’ve manifested within 6 months:

  • Specific apartments
  • Certain types of friendships
  • My Partner

The point is, it really works. And I can say it over and over again, but the way you’ll actually believe it? By doing it yourself! Let’s create some real-life results together.

I use some of these daily, some in my magical morning routine, and some sparingly. Let me know if you want more details about my routines, and I’ll make sure to write about it for you! My morning routine has honestly been the biggest game-changer of it all.

Here are my top 5 most powerful Manifestation methods. You can use them alone and choose just one or choose more than one; it’s up to you!

1. Embodiment 

  • Take the time to truly embody what you desire, as if you already have it.

2. Visualization

  • Visualize every detail you can of what you are trying to manifest. (It will help greatly if you also use your strongest sense for Manifestation from your Human Design chart! More info on that at the bottom.)

3. Meditation

  • When you have a clear mind, you will have a clear path to Manifestation. Add meditation into your Manifestation process for surprising results!

4. Scripting

  • Everyone loves to daydream about the future, right? What if you took those daydreams and wrote them down? That’s exactly what Scripting is. Taking your goals and dreams for the future and writing them down, as if they’ve already happened.

5. Affirmations

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind to allow yourself to dream bigger and receive bigger too. Our mind likes what’s familiar, and will keep us there so that we’re safe. Start training your mind for the reality you want, so that your new reality is familiar and you get there without resistance.

These are just a few of the methods that can be used to enhance your Manifestation process. They’re amazing, and they make you feel better too, so it’s a win-win! Remember: Methods of Manifestation are not the same thing as your manifestation process! You can use methods to help you manifest, but they aren’t required.

Wondering about your strongest sense for Manifestation from your Human Design chart?

You can look it up on any site that creates a Human Design chart for you. It’ll be called “Cognition” or “Strongest Sense.” It’ll be one of 6 types, Outer Vision, Inner Vision, Taste, Smell, Touch, and Feeling.

What do you want to learn next? Want to go deeper into methods and get into step-by-step explanations of how to do them or do you have other questions? Let me know!

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How to “get things done” as a Projector in Human Design

As a projector, you’ve been told that you’re not supposed to “do” things.

But the common question after hearing that is “how am I supposed to get anything done?”

Let’s break it down.

1. You can do things, but you do things very differently.

Your energy is very, very efficient! The way you do something will be different than the way a generator does it. It’ll even differ on the centers you have defined as well. For instance, a Self-Projector will do things much differently than an Emotional Projector.

Doing things isn’t a problem. It’s sustaining the energy for doing that is the problem.

As a non-sacral being, the energy to do things, and what you do, is inconsistent. You’ll likely want to find shortcuts, minimize your efforts, and make things more systematic and automatic. All these are totally fine! There’s no shame in finding shortcuts (honestly, if there’s a simpler, easier, quicker way…why wouldn’t you?). There’s actually power in being able to spot the energetic waste and minimizing it. This is how you help the world become more energy-efficient.

The key to doing things is to recognize and accept that it’ll be different, it’ll be something you’re more efficient at, and it’ll be something that isn’t sustainable.

So instead of promising to work every day for 8 hours, find ways you can promise to get things done. Focus on the end goal or the project, not the time it takes you to do it.

I once worked with someone (as a freelancer) who wanted me to write blogs for her website to gain traffic. Anyone can do this. But how I showed up and did it was different.

I asked for ample time to complete the blogs (my timeline was a month and I asked to work ahead so that both her and I were happy about the timeline).

I didn’t set a specific time for me to work on it and I didn’t promise to have it done early. I knew I’d need to research a bit, rest, let the knowledge mull over, and then within that month-long time, I’d have rested enough to have the energy for creating those blogs.

In all honesty, it only took me about 2 hours, max, to write the 2,000-word blog for her. But I wasn’t being paid for the time I worked on it, I was being paid for the end result.

This is how you “do” things as a projector. This is one example of how you can reprogram people to work with your energy, instead of you working your energy to fit their needs.

2. Create systems and automations to help get things done.

Every time I wrote that blog, I got quicker at it because I saw patterns of how to save even more time and energy. I created a template, I found out when my energy was most ready to write it so I prepared myself for that time when it got close, I even had an automated AI helping me outline it sometimes too.

The little things that seem like they’re “not a big deal” to others, tend to be a big deal for us projectors.

For instance, when I was on TikTok, I found that the biggest energy drain wasn’t figuring out what to talk about, it was getting ready to film the TikTok. And that’s ultimately the reason I no longer post to TikTok right now.

It took me so long to set up my filming equipment in the way that felt correct for me, and to have to do that for every video, every day… HUGE energy drain. I didn’t have the sustainable energy for that.

So the option I could’ve taken to save time and energy would’ve been to have a section somewhere in my house that is 100% ready and set up for me to film whenever the mood strikes. But, me being me and liking my space to stay a certain way, I didn’t want to have it up all the time. So I didn’t and I chose to stop posting there for now.

Maybe someday I’ll return to it when I have more space and a dedicated area to film, but not right now.

Look for the ways that you can save your own time and energy. And see if these energy-drains are actually why you’ve felt resistance to being consistent with it or doing it at all.

3. Be consistently inconsistent and batch.

The last thing we’ll talk about is how consistency isn’t really consistency. Such as, even though you see someone posting consistently on their social media, that doesn’t mean they’re truly consistent in creating the same way.

What they’re really doing behind the scenes is creating a bunch of content one or two days out of the week (or month!) and then scheduling it to post throughout the rest of the week or month.

That’s consistent inconsistency.

Creative inspiration is inconsistent. The creative wave is inconsistent. So batching when the creative inspiration hits is the jackpot to staying publicly consistent.

Another example is that I’ve written 3-5 blogs in the last day or two. Whereas weeks have gone by where I didn’t really have much to say. But now that I’ve been in a more creation-focused energy, I have a lot to say, and I’m allowing myself to create whatever I want to create.

I know that I won’t post it right away, I’ll schedule it out. So I’m using the energy that’s here right now, getting the things that I want done, and then I know I’ll be resting when you read this.

That’s the beauty of batching and flowing with your natural energy.

It doesn’t have to be “on” all the time, you don’t have to “do” things all the time, you just need to maximize and leverage the energy you have.

That is how you get things done as a projector, or as a non-sacral being. Reflectors, manifestors and projectors can all use these tips to get the things done that they want to.

The difference is what your energy naturally wants to do.

Mine wants to think, formulate opinions and beliefs, gain knowledge, speak about my inner knowings and about myself, and be uniquely me. (If you’re familiar with the centers, you can see that I’m defined from the Head center down to the G-center)

So, what does your energy naturally want to do? And where does your energy go with the flow and show up inconsistently?

The first is what you tend to do every day. The second is how the universe shows up for you and lends you energy from around you.

How are you meant to “do” things? And how can you release the need to “do” things like everyone else, and start doing them the way you want to?

P. S. I worked with that blogging client for a few months before realizing I wasn’t truly aligned with the way she wanted me to speak in the blogs (Defined Ajna + Throat). And even though I got it done the way I wanted to, I still decided to let that $400/mo. client go so I could free up my own energy for something more aligned. This is a reminder that just because it works and you can do it, doesn’t mean it’s aligned for you. Always check with your authority!

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How to Find Recognition — for Projectors

It took me 3 years to gain my own self-recognition. During that time, I was confused about what I was meant to do, who I was meant to be, how I helped people, and what I was even good at.

But feeling confused didn’t stop me. It meant I wasn’t there yet, I wasn’t an expert…yet.

And during those 3 years, I wasn’t focused on just one thing, first I had to find the thing that interested me. Which took trial and error. I found a lot of things I didn’t want to do. But I also found the things I did want to do.

I continued to learn about the things that continued to interest me. And through the continual learning, tweaking, and learning cycle, I found where I felt most at home. Where it felt like it was fun. Where I was happiest and feeling most motivated.

That is using Human Design in Business.

I learned all areas of Human Design. And yes, I can talk about it. I can help people understand the basics of Human Design, relationships with Human Design, Manifestation with Human Design (this one is actually still a part of my unique process), but none of those were the end goal.

I’m an entrepreneurial spirit. I love – and I mean LOVE – talking about business with people. Setting up their business, recalibrating it when they are having a hard time making sales, all kinds of things.

I love helping people learn how they can better help their own clients.

During the 3 years of trial and error, I had wondered what size of an audience I wanted in the future. Whether it was millions or thousands. And at first, I thought it was millions. But honestly, I want to indirectly help millions. I want to be the person who helps others impact millions.

So I don’t need to be known far and wide. I just want to help the people that impact others.

You can see how through this trial and error process, through this tweaking process, and through my studies, I’ve found (1) how I want to help people, (2) what I want to be known for, and (3) who I want to impact directly and indirectly.

And it all feels good. It feels right. It feels fun.

And not just surface-level fun that every business coach says because it’s a buzzword. Fun, like I’m happy to do it, I’m eager to start, I’m losing myself in the time I spend doing it because time falls away. True fun.

That is how I now see myself. That is my personal recognition.

It took time, but it was worth it.

Recognition for Projectors comes first from within.

What do you want to be recognized for? What do you want people to see from you? What makes you feel like you’re being seen?

Recognition coming from within isn’t knowing everything about yourself.

It’s knowing what you want to do. It’s knowing what you’re great at.

If you don’t have that self-recognition yet, keep learning, keep studying, keep following your bliss. Recognition will come to you through watching yourself learn the information you’re meant to learn + master the systems or processes that interest you.

So when you’re on your way to recognizing yourself, remember that it’s okay to feel confused, lost, and frustrated. You’re still heading towards your recognition. You’re still heading towards being the expert. You’re still going to find the fun at the end of the tunnel.

It’s okay to feel like it’s taking forever. Just don’t give up.

You can, and will, find it.

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Choosing a Niche with Human Design

I’m sure you’ve heard the word “Niche” more than enough times already at the beginning of your business so far.

And beyond that, there are differing opinions everywhere too on whether you should or shouldn’t niche down.

But here’s the real scoop about Niches:
People think a Niche is a limiting box they need to fit into, but it’s not! It’s actually a way to help yourself get focused and get found by the right people.

And knowing your Human Design type can point you in the right direction.

Before we go any further, your niche could be either the audience you reach, the problem you solve, or both together. It depends on what feels correct for you.

For instance, life coaches can be niched down to a specific audience. The actual problem they solve is more open, while the audience they serve can be specific.

Or vice versa, you could coach anyone who needs help with a specific problem. The problem you solve can be specific while the person receiving the help is more open.

Or even a very specific niche using both sides can be something like teaching postpartum healing yoga to new moms. Again, it depends on what feels correct for you, but overall we’ll talk about which types should be more niched down and which types shouldn’t.

This applies to all types of businesses, like if you want to run a physical product store, a digital goods store, or whatever type of business you desire!

What you do will be enhanced by how you do it. And your type shows you how you best do what you do and how your energy wants to interact with others through you and your business.

Remember that no matter your type or energetic configuration, you’re able to build the business of your dreams and find your own version of success!

Niche by Type


You’re the trailblazer. Putting yourself into a niched audience won’t feel like freedom. While you’re waiting for inspiration, you don’t need to wait to find the right people. They will find you when you’re moving the collective forward! So instead of focusing on making content for your audience, let your niche form around you! Look instead at where you’re innovative. What area feels right for you to be forging ahead? Where do you see things are stagnant? Where do you want to be known for leading the new movement?


You’re likely going to have something that you’re passionate about from the get-go. Or perhaps you’ve always had a dream to pursue. Or maybe you’ve responded to something that continues to bring you enough variety while remaining the thing you love. Either way, niching down is the area in which you can thrive! Following the examples above, figure out whether you want to niche down in the problem you solve, the audience you help, or both. A specific niche can help you narrow in on what you want to talk about, instead of it feeling limited. And having a focused-goal may be just the thing to help you start creating the content you desire to.

Manifesting Generators

You’re meant to move quickly. It’s likely that you get bored around 18-24 months into a career. You tend to move through the challenges quicker and when there’s nothing exciting left inside a position, you’re ready for something else. Try to remain broader in the niche you choose. Give yourself the room to move and flow when your energy is ready. If you decide to niche down, remember that you have the ability to switch around what you do, and continue to make it fun for yourself!


You’re the one who deeply understands systems and deeply sees others. If you continuously move around and don’t master one thing, you may later in life find yourself unfulfilled. You can always switch it up when you truly feel ready, however, give yourself enough time to master what you choose before moving on. You may find that once you master it, you do actually want to continue with it! Again, with the examples above, find the flexibility that works for you whether to choose a specific problem to solve, the audience to help or both. Give yourself enough time for deep periods of rest in between and make it something you do actually enjoy too! Burnout on a niche doesn’t mean that niche is wrong for you, you may just need time to rest and recoup your energy!


Your aura is so open that it’s not meant to fit into one box. You can shift, move, flow, and mold yourself to any situation that needs your attention. Play to this strength. Choose something broad and let yourself be guided where you need to go! Find the people that need your help, find the environments that feel open and exciting to you, and find the niche that feels like home.

Final Thoughts

Remember, Human Design can go much further into niching down than just using your type.

While your type is a great starting point, if you want to dive into the deeper aspects of your niche, (like the skills you naturally possess, how you help others, and whether you’re meant to teach or coach), check out the Niche by Design Masterclass. In less than 60 minutes, I break it all down and walk you through finding your niche according to your Human Design.

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The Simple Guide to Attracting Abundance

What You Should Do When Trying to Manifest More of What You Desire

A lot of the time, when you read articles or watch videos about how to manifest something into your life, it seems so simple that it’s too simple and then, you block yourself from doing it because there’s disbelief.

And mainly, this comes from not having enough action steps to take when trying to manifest. We’re so hard-wired to expect a step-by-step process that when something doesn’t have one, we don’t believe it.

So, for those of you who feel this way (note: we all did at the beginning! No judgement), here are 5 things to do when trying to manifest more into your life.

5 Steps to Attracting Abundance

1. Calm Your Mind

  • It’s easy to say, and challenging to do.
  • Meditation is the best way to get yourself started down this path of calming your mind.
  • When you listen to your mind 24/7, you don’t really get any time for peace and quiet. And while the mind is a great tool for noticing and observing patterns in your life, it’s not actually the one calling the shots. Did you know this?
  • We actually make decisions with our body (in a place that’s known as our ‘authority’ in Human Design) and JUSTIFY them with our mind. Yep. Not make them with our mind. Justify them with our mind. And when we actually start making decisions based on our mind and not our authority, we don’t flow smoothly through life. It feels more like a road full of potholes after a harsh winter in Michigan … on a heavily rainy day. Know what I mean?
  • So if you haven’t yet, go create your Human Design chart and find out what your Authority is so you can switch to some MUCH smoother roads on your path.

2. Appreciate What You Have Now

  • You have some sort of screen you’re reading this blog post from. Regardless of where or how you got to this post, you still got here. It’s the same with everything else you own, use, and have. Be grateful for what you do have!
  • Spend a few mintues every morning and every night, after waking and before going to bed, thinking, speaking, or writing down things you’re grateful to have. And truly feel it. Don’t let it become a passive, nonchalant thing. Truly feel it.

3. Be Clear On What You Desire

  • Finding clarity on what you desire is one of the surefire ways to help you actually manifest it, (this is also something that depends on your Human Design manifestation style, so take this with a grain of salt!)

4. Release The Attachment

  • Too often, this is where people get stuck. And, unsurprisingly, it’s usually when they’re trying to manifest money or something else that they deem VERY important.
  • When you’re manifesting, one of the key points is to talk about it and think about it as if it’s already happened (this is point number 5 below). Yet so many people obsess over HOW it’ll come into their reality, WHEN it’ll come into their reality, or WHERE it’ll come into their reality. And that’s not your job to know or figure out entirely. That’s the Universe’s control. Your control is about WHAT you desire and WHY you desire it.
  • Think about it this way, you have a phone, or a blanket, or a home. So you’re not worried about “when” you will have it – because you already DO. You’re not worried about “how” you’ll get it – because you already DO. You’re not worried about “where” you’ll get it – because you already DO HAVE IT. Take this strongly into consideration when reading and doing number 5.

5. Act As If You Already Have It

  • Going along with the example above, let’s take your phone. Let’s say you wanted to manifest a new phone. This is super easy once you get past all the mindset and beliefs blocking you because you ALREADY KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO HAVE ONE.
  • You know what it sounds like, what it feels like, what it can do, what you use it for and so many other things about it. The difference? You visualize using the NEW one instead of the old one. And yes, you can do this literally, but it may be easier to just close your eyes and visualize yourself with the new one altogether.
  • Ask yourself: What color is it? What does it feel like to hold it in your hand? Who calls you on it first? What’s that conversation about? Who texts you first? What does that text say? What is the background on it? What apps do you use the most? Human Design can actually help you with this area too, did you know that?

Human Design is actually one of the best manifestation tools I’ve found because it shines light on things that people get blocked on the most in their Manifestation process.

So if you want to have your Manifestation process be easier, incorporate your Human Design!

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Creating a Business You Love Isn’t Just About What You Do — It’s Also About How You Do It

The untold side of the entrepreneur journey.

When I first started my business, I was lost. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do to be an entrepreneur.

Luckily, you really only need a skill, knowledge, or experience in an area that’s further along than someone else in the world. Past that, you can create value around it.

For me, that looked like coaching, guiding, mentoring, and helping people navigate the failures I’ve already encountered throughout my own life. And then I spoke as well about my own battle with not fitting in, depression, and feeling like there was no one else like me. So it was a mix of inspirational content, self-help experience, and knowledge sharing.

But even though I knew what I was sharing (which is a feat of it’s own if you’re a new entrepreneur), HOW I was to share it was completely baffling. And even to this day, I can’t say that I figured it out quickly — because I sit here with almost 3 years of entrepreneurship under my belt and I only figured it out after 2 to 2.5.

Quick? No. Painful? Yes. Worth it? You bet.

So here are 3 helpful tips I learned about how entrepreneurship isn’t just about what you do, but also how. And hopefully, I can help save you the time and energy needed to figure this all out.

1. Even when you know what you do, explaining it can be a different beast.

It’s not enough to know what you do, because if you’re on your way to monetizing it, others have to understand it too. So you have to explain it.

I’m not saying you need the perfect elevator pitch (which doesn’t exist in my book), but you do need a handful of ways to say it that make sense.

For instance, not everyone will need the details, and not everyone needs the broad sentence. The difference is who and when you say them.

When your friends and family ask you what you’re doing, be broader (unless you find they’re really interested). This can sound like “I write online about entrepreneurship,” or “I guide people to creating their online business.”

As you can see, those are two general statements that make sense to the general population.

But when you’re in front of your ideal audience, be more specific. Such as “I use Human Design to help new entrepreneurs build an aligned, sustainable business,” or “I help new entrepreneurs build an online business that doesn’t cause burnout using Human Design.”

Both of those help my target audience understand what I truly do. And even then, I’m curating those for this particular platform.

It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as it’s understood. And you can always tweak this when necessary, so don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Get into conversations with your friends and family and just say what resonates in the moment. Over time, you’ll find the words that better describe it and it’ll become a more clear and concise phrase.

2. Past explaining what you do, what way do you want people to find you

This one caused me the most inner turmoil. I didn’t understand what this meant.

I kept hearing other business coaches and gurus saying to “follow your audience.”

That never worked for me. In fact, it was much more draining, exhausting, and caused me burnout (which is why I create content that challenges these streamlined pieces of advice).

It wasn’t until I started listening to my own energy and following where I felt comfortable and free that I saw success. And that took me years to figure out.

So how do you know when you’ve found the place for you?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I feel when creating for this platform?
  • How do I feel after creating for this platform?
  • Do I genuinely enjoy this platform or am I forcing myself to do it?
  • What decision is the more loving decision: to stay on this platform or to leave it?

Don’t just consult your mind on this, feel into your body. How does your energy feel when you think about those questions? (If you know your Human Design Authority, consult that).

The point is, if you don’t love the way you do your day-to-day business actions, you won’t create a business you love. And that’s not fluff, that’s fact.

Keeping the end goal in mind, what kind of business do you want to build? And what support do you want to help you in sustaining it?

I’m not saying to stop doing the things you need to right now, I’m simply bringing the different possibilities to awareness. And if it feels good, continue on with it! If not, consider checking other things out.

3. Where do you feel like you truly thrive?

I started on Youtube, then Instagram, then Facebook, then TikTok, then Medium, then Blogging, then Podcast… and I switched back and forth interchangeably through these at different times trying to figure out what fit me. More so where I felt like I was free to be me.

Don’t knock it until you try it out, because resistance is a great signpost for what to look into. But also, don’t force yourself into a box that you don’t even want to be in.

Youtube was nice, still is. I just don’t want to dedicate my time there right now, though I know I probably will add it in the future again.

TikTok wasn’t my cup of tea, but I don’t mind posting every once in a while when I feel called to.

Video isn’t bad for me, but it also requires more energy from me. And as a Self-Projector in Human Design, I need to conserve my energy more than most people.

Facebook and Instagram were time-zaps for me and made me feel more bitter than anything good. I still have them for when people decide to join my community, but that’s really all I use them for anymore — community.

Now we get into my zones: Podcast, Blogging, Medium. I’m a writer at heart, and I resisted it for many, many years. But as soon as I finally allowed myself to truly test it out, it’s rapidly become my favorite thing to do.

Podcasting is another because it’s my own platform to just speak about my ideas and experiences and find new people like me who are interested in what I’m interested in.

I love being able to share my thoughts both with the written word and the spoken word. And as a Self-Projector in Human Design, that’s very aligned for my energy. (Believe me, if I had known about Human Design sooner I would’ve saved myself some huge headaches!)

These are the places I’ve found that I thrive. And I had to test them all out to see what felt good and how I truly enjoyed sharing my knowledge.

And it will be the same for you.

Final thoughts

Not everything will work for you, but something will.

I constantly say that everyone could be an entrepreneur. And I 10000% believe that to be true. But I also know that not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, and not everyone is willing to put in the work to become an entrepreneur.

Either way, if you have this dream and you’re willing to do it, fail, persevere, and keep going, you will find success with it. Anyone who tells you it isn’t possible to build a business you love hasn’t been able to do it for themselves yet. Don’t let their projections sway you.

People only truly believe what they’ve done themselves. So find small ways to win, take comfort in the small successes, and keep going. Be your own best cheerleader, and cultivate your content consumption like your life depends on it. Spend time reading inspiration, not demotivation. Then put your desire into action. Take the steps. Move forward.

And you’ll inevitably get there, no matter what anyone else says or believes.

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Giving Advice With Detachment

As a projector, it may be hard to detach yourself from the advice that you’re giving.

Why is this?

Because you care about other people!

And it’s totally normal to feel this way. No one wants to watch those around them struggle senselessly if one tip could help them save time, energy, or sanity.

But if you give advice, unprompted, you likely won’t be heard the way you mean it. It’s what I like to call “the Projector Paradox.”

The Projector Paradox is that even though we have so much helpful advice to give, we are only able to give it when it’s asked for.

There are some loop holes to this though, and if you missed yesterday’s blog post, you’ll want to read that one to understand the loop hole plus other tips you may not have know about being a projector. You can find that one here, it’s called What It Means to “Wait for the Invitation” as a Projector.

So other than having to wait for the invitation to give advice, what’s next?

It seems like a simple answer. “You just give the advice.”

But how many times have you given advice only to find out that the person who asked you for the advice completely disregarded it anyways?

Then they ended up in a worse off situation and if they had taken your advice, they would’ve solved it?

The amount of times this exact scenario happens in projector’s lives is steep.

And I’m sure you’ve felt the tinge of upset within you when you hear this scenario from the person you gave advice to.

So, I ask again, what’s next after you receive the invitation?

Let’s break it down.

1. You DON’T jump in and give advice right away.

This seems counterintuitive right? But just because someone has recognized you and invited you, DOESN’T mean that they’re open to RECEIVING advice.

So when they ask you for advice, first fire off some helpful questions for THEM to self-guide themselves.

What does that look like?

  • “Well, let me just make sure I understand this correctly, what’s the most important part of this situation to you?”
  • “Let’s look at it this way, if I was the one going through this situation and I came to YOU for advice, what would you say?”
  • “Which way are you leaning?”
  • “Do you feel like you want to do one thing more than the other?”

The objective here is to reword what they’re telling you, and ask them insightful questions that can help lead them to their own answers.

Of course, you don’t have to be as formal with the questions back as these are, but you get the point.

Why do we need to do this?

Most times, people are seeking validation for the way they want to go. Most times, they’ve already made up their mind what choice they want to make, they just want someone to suggest it too.

Both of these are reasons why it’s important to help them build trust within their own decisions.

Let’s be honest here, we’re not always right (no matter how many times we actually are).

No one EVER has more understanding of someone’s situation than the person who is DIRECTLY INVOLVED in it.

And even if we ask all the questions necessary to find out every bit of information about it, we still CAN’T know what’s the best option for THEM.


Because we HAVEN’T lived their life. We don’t know their priorities. We don’t know their fears. We don’t know every single previous experience that they’ve been through. And it would take as many years as they’ve been living to understand them entirely, because they would have to recount every single second with us.

Not only is that impossible, but it’s also just the entirely wrong way to handle any situation.

The next point brings us to why that is.

2. Help others build trust within themselves so they can handle challenges better in the future.

As a Coach myself, this is one of my BIGGEST goals with every client.

Because I don’t want them to have to depend on anyone else to make clear decisions.

Will there be mistakes along the way? Of course! We’re human. This is literally what we’re here to do.

And if you didn’t already know, mistakes lead to success. Failure leads to success. It’s all a learning process. And you actually fail your way to success.

That’s a topic for a different time, so let’s get back to this.

Asking insightful questions helps them pull out their own answers and their own true thoughts and feelings about the situation.

And not only that, but it shows them that they COULD do this for themselves in the future.

It shows them that they ARE the authority and decision maker in their own life.

It shows them that YOU support them no matter what decision they decide to make.

And it gives them the confidence that their decision won’t be judged harshly as they believe it will be. It’s only their own judgement of themselves.

When you help them build trust within themself, they feel SAFE. They feel COMFORTED. And they bond with YOU on a deeper level because they were able to find all these amazing things with you around.

I have a friend who actually comes to me instead of some of her other friends because she KNOWS that I won’t just automatically jump to one side or the other in a situation. I won’t lie to her and tell her she was right if in fact she wasn’t.

She comes to me because she TRUSTS that I have her best interests in heart for the LONG TERM, not just for some short term validation. She comes to me because I’m objective and I bring a unique perspective and great questions.

And above all, I LISTEN.

I don’t diagnose, I don’t rush to the rescue, I don’t try to fix; I LISTEN first.

Then I help when asked or when I feel she’s gotten it all out and is now ready for some open conversation.

Which leads me into point number 3.

3. Ask what they want from you first.

When someone recognizes you or is coming to you about a situation, ask what they want from you.

Do they just want to vent it all out? Perfect, you can be all ears and just listen.

Do they want feedback on their part in the situation? Perfect, you can prepare for that.

Do they want a total solution? Perfect, you can prepare for that as well.

Asking them what they need from you in the moment before the conversation has begun will lead you to 10x better conversations overall.

You won’t be overstepping any boundaries when you ask.

You won’t be rushing to fix something while they’re feeling left unheard because it seemed like you just wanted to fix them.

Essentially, you sidestep almost all miscommunication AND you deepen your bond with them because NOW you’re being there for them, the way THEY NEED; not the way YOU THOUGHT they needed.

And after ALL of that, if it comes down to it where, yes, they are seeking out your advice and your opinion, then go ahead. BUT make sure to release the expectation that they will take your advice.

For example, instead of assuming that they’ll heed your advice, assume that they won’t and let yourself be pleasantly surprised if they do.

And realize that they are their own person. They’re going to make the decisions most in line with themselves. And that’s OKAY. Because they’re the one that has to live with the outcome.

Everyone makes the decisions they think are best in the moment, with the information they had at the time.

And if you get upset with someone else not taking your advice, you’re giving license to other people to be mad at you when you don’t take their advice.

And I guarantee that YOU don’t like other people trying to force you to take their advice either.

So give your advice with detachment.

And if you follow the rest of these tips, you’ll find you have better relationships with those you care about, you’ll have more energy because you’re conserving it and not throwing it in all directions, and you’ll be happier because you’re releasing expectations of others from your mental capacity.

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Having Health Issues?

Let me start this by saying I’m not a doctor. I’m not anyone who claims to have expert opinions on your health, etc. However, I am a person who suffers from MANY ailments and health issues. And I’ve had to drudge my way through all the misinformation (yes, even from doctors) to try and figure out how I can actually live a healthy life again.

The reason I’m putting this on my blog is not because I talk about these things very often, at least as of right now, but because I’ve struggled and suffered for 11 years with chronic pain, celiac disease, joint pain, bloating, dairy and egg allergies, chronic headaches, tension, muscle spasms, and all sorts of other unhealthy things.

I’m only 27.

So how the heck is all of this happening to me at a “young age”? Yeah, I get that alot.

“But you’re so young” was a saying from Psoriasis patients getting tar treatments while I was in the outpatient center before my celiac disease with dermatitis was diagnosed. I was 16 at the time.

Going from perfectly healthy one day to (literally) not the next, I’ve had my fair share of misdiagnoses, shutdowns from doctors who didn’t listen to me about what was happening to my body, and much more.

So let’s just say, it’s been a long road. And I may have found the ultimate reason for all of my ailments.


As I’ve said already, I have celiac disease. Which means I can’t have gluten because it kills my gut.

Well, 7 years after that diagnosis and I wasn’t getting much better — even though gluten was completely cut out of my diet. There was improvement, but it wasn’t as much as would’ve been considered “good.”

I found then that Dairy had the same effect. So I eliminated it.

Then a year after that, still not that much of a change but a bit better, found out eggs was also making me breakout.

And now 2 years after those have been entirely eliminated, I’m still bloated, I still feel tired all the time, my stomach hurts, headaches, etc. I’m not breaking out as much because the medication I’ve been on (called Dapsone) has helped my body fight it. But as soon as I DON’T have the medication for a day or two, I break out a ton still.

So this led me to thinking “what else could it possibly be??”

And I started really being more mindful of not only what I was eating, but how I FELT after I ate it.

Then, my friend shared with me someone she had found, a doctor, talking about what may be causing your health issues, autoimmune disease, psoriasis, arthritis, etc.

And, you guessed it, he was talking about LECTINS.

The Plant’s Protection

In order for plants to not be eaten by predators, they create chemicals to protect their seeds. Plants can’t just get up and fight an animal off or run away — they have to do what they can.

This is why we eat the ripe berries and not the unripe berries. Ripe is when the seeds are ready to be transported to get fertilized and re-sprout on their own elsewhere.

So, the protection that the plants create is a protein called a Lectin.

It’s mainly in the seeds and skin of a plant. It’s not in all plants, but certain ones, especially ones grown here in the USA.

Think about it — thousands of years ago, we didn’t live in North America. And those who lived here before us had a very specific way of eating things like beans (they fermented them to kill the lectins) and they didn’t eat wheat, etc.

So especially in the Americas, the plants are still relatively new to our bodies and our evolution of understanding them. Regardless of what people like to believe with their ego about us knowing everything about what we have or don’t have and what we know or don’t know.

Anyways, you remember how I said I also found that Dairy and Eggs were affecting me right?

Well, guess what’s on the list of things containing Lectins. (Eggs themselves have Caesin A1, as well as cow’s milk, because thanks to big processing and steroids and controlled and forced farming)

So how did this research about Lectins come about?

Dr. Steven Gundry

A highly esteemed and very well accomplished heart surgeon (of over 10,000 heart surgeries) actually noticed that patients who were eating what’s been touted as “healthy” actually had more problems than people who smoked cigarettes.

Okay, what?

What are we saying is the “healthy” diet here? You know how when you were younger you were told that Fats were bad, Whole Grains were good, have a glass of Dairy a day, etc.


That’s the “healthy” diet we’re talking about.

The diet that’s been approved widely in America.

And there’s many studies, Dr. Gundry talks about it in his interviews, but what’s the point?

The point is that what’s been said is “healthy” actually has the highest lectin count. And this “healthy” diet is leading to ALL sorts of diseases now that there’s been an abundance of time to test it out – around 40 to 50 years now.

And guess what? We’re all getting sicker and sicker.

What are some of the Lectin filled foods?

Just to name a few:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Bell Peppers
  • Potatoes
  • Yogurt
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Rice
  • Peas
  • Tofu
  • Zucchini

The list goes on.

What are some of the foods on the “Yes” List?

  • Asparagus
  • 100% Grass-fed and finished Beef
  • Basil
  • Cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Sweet Potatoes (without skin)
  • Millet
  • Almond (blanched)
  • Hemp tofu
  • Tempeh
  • Pastured Chicken and other Poultry
  • Wild caught Seafood
  • Coffee

And much more.

You can read the Yes/No list on Dr. Gundry’s website here:

So what does this mean?

If you’re having health issues with no logical reason as to why, check to see what you’re eating first. Because you feed your gut, then your gut provides energy for your body. If something is going wrong in your gut, your body will be affected.

But the great news is, you can either cure, put into remission, or get rid of symptoms if you find the root cause.

All the ailments I mentioned in the beginning have been helped and improved to a wildly amazing percent of patients who have switched their lifestyle to being lectin-free.

Perhaps it will help you too.

I know I’m in.

I’m ready to be done struggling and suffering every day. I’m ready to be out of pain again after 11 years.

I’m ready to be healthy again, feeling better, and just being able to live my life without medication, doctors, and getting my bloodwork done to make sure my medication isn’t harming me more than it’s helping me.

I’m ready for a life of freedom from health issues.