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How I Use My Daily Journal

Using my journal is one of the best things in my morning routine!

Every morning when I wake up, I have a very specific routine that I do.

Since I’m a routine based person, it works much better having it planned out and more “strictly” adhered to.

Right after waking, I meditate with my boyfriend. We’ll usually throw on a 15 minute meditation that is slightly guided but not heavily visualization-based.

After our meditation, he gets the coffee started. We chat about how the meditation went and anything we experienced.

Then, he pours us our coffee and we sit and talk about all the things we’re grateful for. This usually lasts about 10 minutes or so.

I’ll take out my workbook, (for whatever I’m currently working on, like mindset, money blocks, etc.), to do the daily exercise.

Then finally, I’ll grab my journal and do whichever option feels right from the list below.

Here are just a few ways I use planners, journals, or notebooks daily:

  1. Gratitude
    • Whether I’ve already verbally said my gratitude items yet or not, writing them down bring a visual component that helps implement it a little deeper.
  2. To do lists
    • If I’m particularly busy, or I need to get a number of things done, I’ll write out my to-do list so it helps me stay on track.
  3. Productivity planning
    • This is super helpful if my day is jam-packed or I’ve been procrastinating. One thing that is always on the list though is breaks! I don’t know about you, but I work much better when I give myself ample breaks to rest.
  4. Brain dump journaling
    • This is very helpful when my mind feels cluttered. Getting everything and anything out of my head and onto paper alleviates the anxiety, worry, or stress that seems to come along with it. It’s been so nice to feel the clarity afterwards!
  5. Scripting
    • Scripting is like actually laying out what you want to happen. It can be as detailed or vague as suits you, but for me I tend to go into more detail. It just works better for me!

Having a morning routine has been a lifesaver for me, especially during quarantine! It’s one of the tools I’ve used to really cut down on my anxiety, in fact my anxiety is almost completely gone because of all the things I’ve done during quarantine!