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What your energy actually means when it’s defined or undefined

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough or like you were too much?

Before we find Human Design, it can be a shaky world. Being told we talk too much, think too much, feel too much. Or being told we don’t do enough, we don’t feel enough, we don’t think enough. So much conditioning in the world about who we “should” be and how we “should” act.

But what if we could just be ourselves and that would be more than enough? This is what definition explains in Human Design.

Definition is throughout your Human Design chart. And while this is a largely misunderstood topic, let’s dive into what definition means in your Human Design chart and what definition really means about your energy.

Let’s get back to definition and undefinition.

You have all the centers in your chart. You have all the energy in your chart.

The definition itself means whether you have consistent access to it or inconsistent access to it.

Where you are defined, you feel it internally and it’s what people can feel strongly from you when you’re around them.

These defined areas are your strengths, your places where you have confidence and consistency, and where your natural gifts are hiding out.

In the undefined areas, you have inconsistent access to it internally and it’s what you feel from others when you’re around them.

These undefined areas are places where conditioning likely happens the most, where you may feel like you’re “not enough” or like your energy is incomplete (hint: it’s not, you’re a completely whole, unique design!)

In these undefined areas, you gain wisdom by witnessing and filtering the entire collective energy. It’s where you deeply understand the people around you. And where you will become wise about how this energy works for other people.

What conditioning looks like

In the defined areas, you may have been told you were “too much” and vice versa in the undefined areas, you may have been told you were “not enough.” Both of these are conditioning. 

For example, anyone with a defined throat may have been told that they talk too much. Or someone with a defined ego center may have been told that they’re selfish. Or someone with a defined ajna may have been told that they think too much or that they’re too stubborn in their beliefs. Or someone with a defined emotional center may have been told that they feel too much or that they’re always in a mood.

Any center that is defined can be seen by the energy of those who have it undefined. Therefore, those who have it undefined aren’t used to feeling it all the time, and when they see someone else doing just that, they can either feel jealous or like they themselves aren’t enough and thus create a projection onto the other.

And this same scenario can happen vice versa with someone who has it undefined and someone who has it defined can be uncomfortable with the fact that the other person doesn’t have this energy and then create a projection that the other person “isn’t enough”.

Which is right?

This isn’t to say that either of them is wrong, the point is that we as a collective don’t know our energy well enough to feel safe and secure within it enough to not judge how someone else operates. And if we can all understand the beautiful energy that each of us has, imagine the harmony that would radiate from that.

There wouldn’t be “not enough” or “too much”

We would all just… be.

And it would be a wonderful exchange of openness and definition that is embraced, learned, and experienced as a life lesson.

What to do with this information?

If nothing else from this, understand that you are whole. You are complete. Your energy is meant to have a conversation with the people around you. And theirs with your energy too. 

It’s all unique. And each interaction is meant to be exactly as it is.

Your unique blend of definition is merely a guidepost to how your energy likes to operate the most. And where you’re undefined, you have energetic conversations with the world around you.  You feel and experience the world in a particular way.

Know that you are you. And there is no one out there like you. But there are people who are similar. You’re not alone. You’re just different. Everyone is. And we can all be different and unique together.

Live your definition, learn your undefinition, and let yourself be exactly who your soul wants you to be.