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What the Human Design Chart properties represent

Type, Strategy, Authority, Definition, Profile… the list goes on. But what do they tell us about our chart?

Here’s a Quick Breakdown:

Type – Your overall energetic aura.

Strategy – How you’re meant to interact with the world.

Authority – How you make aligned decisions.

Signature – How you know you’re in alignment.

Not-Self Theme – How you know you’re out of alignment.

Definition – The consistency or inconsistency of flow through your chart’s defined centers.

Profile – How you see yourself and how others see you; Your personality theme.

Incarnation Cross – Your life’s overall theme.

Digestion – The conditions for your healthiest digestion (both information and food).

Cognition – What connects you to your environment the most.

Motivation – What drives you forward.

Sense – How you think and how you best share your unique perspective with the world.

Perspective – How you see things and how you see the world.

Environment – What you need from your environment and how discipline shows up in your life.