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How to Know if You’re a Writer… or Not

There’s one question you need to ask yourself.

When you set out to freelance write or become a paid writer, there’s one question you need to ask yourself.

Am I a writer or a content creator?

I know the two seem very similar, but the intention behind what they create is very different.

For instance, a writer writes.

A content creator creates content.

Writers write stories, personal experiences, journalism, day-to-day advice, and anything else that tickles their fancy.

Content creators create different forms of content for an audience — visual, verbal, written, video, etc.

Writers write more for themselves. Content creators create more for their audience.

Yes. There can be some overlap. As writers will inevitably write content for an audience and content creators will create things that they enjoy too.

But again, it’s the intention.

And it more so comes down to personal motivation.

Do you create for yourself? Or others? What’s the MAIN reason you create?

For me, I write because I want to share my insights. I want to speak my beliefs and thoughts. I want to externalize my internal world.

And I do hope that it helps someone.

But I would do it whether anyone listens or not. Because I enjoy going back and reading my own journey for myself as a sort of ledger and memoir of where I’ve been and what I thought at that time.

I’m a writer.

But for content creators, it’s more about what the audience wants from them. What value they can give. And how they can optimize it and give more. It’s still intertwined with what they know and what they’re interested in, but it’s different.

They’re content creators.

But a writer doesn’t have to be a content creator. And a content creator doesn’t have to write.

So which are you?

What truly motivates you?

And are you using that motivation or masking yourself to be on the other side?

I was masking for a while as a content creator because I thought that was what I wanted.

2 years later, here we are.

I didn’t like being a content creator.

It killed my creativity and made me depressed because it felt like I had to be in a box to succeed. That’s not who I am. Aka I’m not a content creator.

My motivation is me. My own journey. And though I hope it will help someone else too, I don’t expect it to.

I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it does. And I’ll be comfortable if it doesn’t.

That’s just my perspective on it. What’s yours?

This article was originally published on Medium by Lillith Elaina.