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Why I Love Being a Writer

Simple, yet beautiful.

Honestly, I love being a writer.

It’s the first thing that feels real.

It’s the first thing that feels authentic.

It feels like me.

And as someone who’s been in the entrepreneurship realm for over 2 years, (technically 3 but that’s a story for another time), writing feels like my soul is happy.

I get butterflies when I’m proud of my work.

I feel a rush of happiness flood my heart and my brain.

Dopamine? Endorphins? I don’t know technically which ones, but does it even matter?

I like it.

Dare I say, I love it.

And it’s the first thing that’s brought me joy in many years. It brings me the feeling of newness and innovation.

I love typing on the blank page because my brain is full of sentences to fill it.

I never really resonated with the blank page problem — unless I HAD to write about something in particular.

It felt limiting.

It still does.

But since I think so much in my free time, it only makes sense that writing lets me express those wondering thoughts in a place that’s tangible.

And isn’t that beautiful?

To witness the thoughts you have on a page. It’s a manifestation of who you are and what you do.

Forgive me for being so cheesy and silly, to a romanticized view of it. But it’s how it makes me feel.

Like a kid who just discovered colors.

Or an adult that realizes again that they can do whatever they want (like have ice cream for dinner, though I’ll leave the discernment to you on the decision to do so).

It’s just… fun.

And I love it.

This article was originally published on Medium by Lillith Elaina.