Health, Herbs, & Holistic Healing

In the past, we, as humans, have tried to group together everything we can to become more homogenized. While helpful in some ways, there are some great ways this doesn’t help us.

But as time goes on, we’re uncovering so much information that at some point, we’ll no longer be able to assimilate everything. Our needs are as unique as our bodies, minds, and souls. What does this mean for the future? And how are we going to be able to adapt?

PROS of Homogenizing

– There’s a health standard that is meant to help us gain more understanding of what we should and shouldn’t be doing for our bodies

– We can, with some sort of certainty, speak about what is happening without it going completely misunderstood. Example: if you tell someone you have a headache, they can understand what that means. They may not know where, to what degree, etc. But they understand the concept. This is very helpful!

– With testing and research, we’re able to figure out what works for the majority of the population.

Just to name a few.

CONS of Homogenizing

– A “recommendation” isn’t for everyone. I, personally, need more iron, B vitamins, and fiber than most people because of my disease. However, I haven’t been told this by doctors, I’ve discovered this through my own studies as a Naturopath/Holistic Herbalist. The doctors give me the medications I truly need. I had to take charge of my own health since I wasn’t being led to what I needed beyond that.

– The health standard is being taken as literal “rules of requirement” to label ailments, diseases, and other issues. Have you ever gone to a doctor and after explaining what you feel or what’s wrong, they told you “that’s not possible” or “it’s all in your head” or something similar? If so, you’ve been a victim of this particular Con of Homogenization.

– The majority of the population is becoming closer to 50% now. Whereas it used to be moreso 70%, give or take, more and more people are finding they have some sort of health need that differs from majority health recommendations.

I’ve only stated 3, and summed them up even further than I prefer, but you get the picture.

The growing problem with this is that at some point, “recommended” is going to become a “baseline”. The minimum standards in order to be possibly healthy. Possibly. Not for sure. Just possibly.

What’s the difference? As a recommendation, this is what we would strive for. It’s striving to make sure we get that 8 glasses of water each day. To get our exercise in. Etc. Meaning that if you do less than this, it’s okay, but it’s recommended to get this amount.

Whereas, as a baseline, this is the minimum standard we accomplish in order to, essentially, not perish.

Two totally different meanings.

And honestly, we’re already there, health-wise. But society hasn’t accepted and caught up yet.

Have you ever noticed how your mouth gets dry when you don’t drink enough water? Even worse when you drink things that deplete your water in your body? Again, such a simple example that maybe not everyone notices, yet it’s the basis of the problem.

We aren’t stressing the importance of health enough. We aren’t stressing the importance of PREVENTATIVE health.

No one bats an eye until they feel pain, symptoms, or have to go to the doctor.

Yet, if more importance was put on the prevention of problems, you wouldn’t have to go to the doctor nearly as much! You may not even have any pain. Or if you did, you’d have a way to prevent it. You’d understand your body’s patterns, when your body needs more attention, what stress does to you, why anxiety is causing your insomnia, and then leads to depression, and then you’re so far down the spiral you don’t know how to get out.

Every single medication we have today once started out as an herbal medicine. Over time it has been tested, tweaked, developed, modified, tested, and then turned into today’s medication.

And yes, modern medicine is amazing for what it can do. But we don’t have to give up preventative medicine in lieu of modern medicine.

Don’t get me wrong, there ARE people who are trying to get this message across. But there are also those who don’t want you to know about it or trust it. Because business means money, and less ailing people means less business.

I’m not saying it all is, I’m not even saying most of it is, but if there’s not a part of you questioning whether they’re trying to get more money from you, that’s a little too naïve.

What does this mean for the future?

Naturopathic, Holistic, and Herbal medicine is about to boom. As people become more and more aware of the fact that they can live healthier and happier without having to shell out an arm and a leg every year, now is the time to be preparing for this turn.

And, okay, if you HAVEN’T ever said “wow, why is this costing thousands of dollars??” For medical expenses, then that’s alright. Maybe this isn’t your article.

However, if you have, start going on this path. Prevent your own health from turning the wrong direction. Its not a one size fits all, there will be mistakes, and it will take time. But the long run is worth it. And you may be able to help people in the future.

Start learning your body, your mind, your wellness. Start learning what FEELS good to you, rather than what’s told to you. If someone told you to take a job doing accounting, you wouldn’t just do it because they said it, right? Start taking the same initiative and interest in your own health. It may even end up saving your wallet, or your life.

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