How I Manifested My Dream Partner

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I manifested my dream man.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Actually, it’s not. And you can achieve this too!

Let’s talk about how I manifested my dream man so you can manifest your dream partner too.

For 7 years before this happened, I went through dating, relationships, and just downright hell hoping to find love.

First, I was in a 2 year relationship that we got along great! He was a great person, we were silly together, he made me laugh. There just wasn’t any chemistry. And we slowly drifted apart to be more ‘friends’ than ‘lovers’.

Following that, I was in a 2 year relationship that was toxic in such a way that he was physically abusive. Quite a good switch, eh? But thankfully, I got out of that not too far into the abuse. And he only became abusive when we lived together for a short period of time.

After that, I was in a 1.5 year relationship that I thought was amazing. But, you guessed it, it wasn’t good either. It was emotionally and mentally abusive. Which, maybe not surprisingly, took longer for me to get over than the physical abuse.

I was losing hope of ever finding a partner that was going to be the right fit. After 4 years of toxic relationships, I started to wonder if I made a bad decision letting my earlier relationship go.

I stayed single for a year after that, dated men that only lived up to the NEW high standards I set. Because as you go through those things… you learn pretty quickly what qualities you don’t want in a partner.

I had always heard “You have to set your standards” and “Keep your standards”

and things like that. So I raised my bar pretty high.

And though I was finding men that checked off all those boxes in my standards, none of them were RIGHT.

There were always at least 5 traits that each of them had that I couldn’t really get past. They were great guys. They were supportive. They were fine.

But they weren’t right. We didn’t connect the right way. It felt… off. And I got discouraged again.

I felt like I had no idea what else to do to try to find the right guy for me.

So after 7 years of roller-coaster relationships, I was about ready to try anything to finally find someone that I connected with on ALL levels.

And this is when I heard of Manifestation.

“What does Manifestation even mean??” Don’t worry I’ll tell you. I was a little skeptical at first too.

Manifestation isn’t just some woo-woo ‘I speak it therefore it will fall into my lap’ type of thing.

Manifestation is essentially Goal setting.

Except with MASSIVE intention.

The Manifestation process can actually be simplified into 3 steps:

  1. Set the Intention
  2. Take the Inspired Action
  3. Manifest it

Simple, yet not always easy.

And there are key areas, key parts, where people don’t recognize they’ve fallen short of completing the steps.

Once I learned them, it finally all clicked.

The most crucial one though? Let’s dig into that one right now. Take out a journal or notebook so you can do this exercise right now as you read this.

First, in order to set the right intention, you have to be crystal clear about what you desire.

How do you do that?

You have to know who you are and where you want your life to go, and then figure out what you want from that.

The biggest problem is: most people have no idea who they are.

The question “Tell me about you” has become the most disliked question to ever ask anyone. Because when you get asked that, you think “what the heck kind of question is that??” And it leaves you feeling like something sour just entered your mind.

And really, the reason why you dislike this question so much, is because maybe you don’t know who you are. Moreso, you don’t know how to verbalize it. You don’t know right here, right now, either who you are and/or how to answer it.

So how do people usually answer it?

Usually, you’ll respond with (1) your job or career, (2) what you think they expect you to say about who you are, or (3) you’ll respond the same way you used to back in high school when you were in class – remember the teachers starting off a semester this way?? Cringeworthy times.

However, that’s all not who YOU are.

You are not your job.

You are not what others expect of you.

You are not who you were years ago (if you are still that same person as you were 10+ years ago, there’s deeper issues here that we won’t get into today).

So, really, WHO are YOU?

And why is this such a hard ask?

This question is SO hard, yet this is the first step towards actually manifesting the things you want in your life.

And this is also the reason you may feel, or be, stuck right now.

Grab your notebook and start answering the question “Who are you?”

How many of your goals have you accomplished recently? Say, in the past month?

Manifestation can help you skyrocket that number.

With simplifying the process, going step by step, and actually living with intention, you’ll achieve those gorgeous goals quickly and efficiently. And after you get the hang of it, it WILL be easy.

Want to know how long it took to Manifest my dream man?
6 months.
Yep. That’s it.

Because I set the clear intention, I took the inspired action, and it manifested.

And I’m not saying my relationship is perfect; every relationship has its challenges, every relationship has ups and downs, the difference is: they’re not catastrophic, toxic, or unhealthy.

We work together.
Communicate together.
Support together.

And we don’t argue or yell, we have disagreements.
We don’t blame, we take responsibility.
We don’t fight each other, we fight the problem, together.

How many people have been searching for love for YEARS or even decades… Yet you could change that course drastically with a simple process of manifestation.

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