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The way you will succeed in business is different than the way someone else does, let’s make sure you’re in your correct zone. Be where you make magic and attract the right audience so you increase your sales and efforts without burnout.

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Courses, Masterclasses, + More

Everything is centered around you being in alignment + learning content + copy skills so you can attract, captivate, + convert clients.

Whether you want to learn Human Design, content strategy, or copywriting for your business, there’s a course for you.

Hey, I’m Lillith!

I’m a full-time entrepreneur helping businesses increase sales conversions by growing socials + editing sales pages + emails.

I’m a 4/6 Self-Projected Projector in Human Design, so I have a gift of sight when it comes to copywriting, content strategy, + discovering where clients are dropping off in your funnel.

I started my Human Design journey back in 2020. Before that, I studied Behavioral Psychology for over 13+ years + loved talking about the MBTI + Enneagram. Simply put, I’m a people behavior expert.

My life’s mission is to help others create a life where freedom is inevitable, naps are optional, + taking time off is the norm.

Lillith Elaina

Founded in 2020, Lillith Elaina is a Business with Human Design coach for entrepreneurs that want to ditch robotic marketing + step into authenticity to optimize their business so they attract, captivate, + convert clients without burnout.

Have questions or business inquiries? Email hello@lillithelaina.com