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The way you’re meant to succeed in business is different than the way someone else does. Step into your magnetic vortex so you can attract the right audience, hit $10,000 months, and minimize burnout.

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Everything is centered around you being in alignment so you can attract, captivate, + convert clients.

Whether you want to learn Business, Human Design, or Manifesting the life you desire, there’s a course for you.

Hey, I’m Lillith!

I’m an Intuitive Business Mentor & Personal Stylist helping CEOs step into their Magnetic Vortex to attract the right clients, receive $10,000 months, and minimize burnout.

I’ve been in business for 4 years now and I’ve seen that time and time again, the best thing for me (and my clients) is following our intuition. That’s how you’ll be led to exactly what you want.

I’ve studied Behavioral Psychology for over 13+ years + loved talking about the MBTI + Enneagram, gotten certified and beyond in Human Design for Business, and I’ve studied Manifestation in depth to help friends, family, and clients get everything they want in life. Simply put, I have extensive knowledge to share when it comes to business and manifestation, which is why I love getting to answer questions and guiding others to their correct path.

My life’s mission is to help others create a life where freedom is inevitable, naps are optional, + taking time off is the norm.

Lillith Elaina

Founded in 2020, Lillith Elaina is an Intuitive Business Mentor that helps CEOs step into their magnetic vortex so they attract, captivate, + convert clients without burnout.

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